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Douglas Gurr, président de Amazon Chine depuis septembre 2014

Established in 2001 as a subsidiary in China, Amazon China once went through a nosediving period. By building and promoting cross-border shopping strategy, Amazon China has begun to make some initial success in 2015.

Amazon China’s total transaction during Black Friday increased by more than six times this year compared to 2014, and spends at Amazon overseas sites have been equivalent to the sum of the past 20 years counting only from January to October 2015 according to Amazon.

Mr. Douglas Gurr, who has been President of China Amazon.com Inc. since September 1, 2014, has been focusing on the business as a cross-border site as well as helping China’s brands gain global exposure summarized three reasons contributing to the fructified sales in 2015.

Small Ideas Hatching Big Business

Amazon had a well-established “reverse” mechanism or process at being innovative and creative. Faced with a new idea, they first answered two basic questions: What do consumers really need? Could Amazon develop a unique advantage from this business? Amazon picked out the most important ideas from thousands of new ideas and gradually improved.

This way of thinking helped select out some good ideas. AGS project of Amazon was born following the path. Based on worldwide suppliers and advanced cross-border logistics and distribution system, Amazon China provided consumers high-quality product selections and lower prices without suffering long delivery time, high shipping costs and fake goods.

Exploring China’s Innovative Products

Launchpad was a project providing a platform for excellent products and startups in China. The project could effectively help startups reach tens of millions of Amazon consumers worldwide and benefit consumers and innovators at last. Launchpad was operated during Black Friday shopping festival in 2014.

Own-branded Products Satisfying Chinese Demands

Fire tablet, which was recently released in China installing English-learning function to provide customized reading experience for different English levels of users, was a good trial at Amazon China. New Fire tablets with English-learning function was only marketed to China’s consumers.

The localization of innovations was solutions to the urgent needs of China’s consumers. Amazon has been striving to support suitable products for China’s market by deep insights into China’s consumers.

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