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This tweet from China-based angel investor Rui Ma shows how powerful China’s social networking app WeChat is becoming:

Ce que l’app star chinois WeChat peut faire …

As you can see, with WeChat integration a user can print out photos, control a smart air conditioner, and buy from a vending machine, all through QR codes with apps.

WeChat is a part of Tencent, $150 billion Chinese Internet company. WeChat has more than 400 million users and it only launched a little bit more than years ago. It’s primarily a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp, its western counterpart, but it’s been expanding its services into other areas, including travel booking, taxi and payments. 

Becoming today the no 1 powerful social media in China, WeChat is showing strong influential power in terms of marketing and communication for companies and brands. 70% of its users are under 30’s, predominantly from urban areas, very affluent and strongly interconnected through the «group chats».

WeChat platform allows brands to communicate directly with these target consumers and, as a result can have a huge positive impact on brand loyalty. As one of the most common marketing strategies seen on WeChat, brands often offer their followers exclusive content and access to special offers.

Basically all services of CRM could be done also through WeChat, it is an effective way of maintaining loyal consumers and through whom, to attract new ones as many WeChat users are highly selective of whom they follow.

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