Candia in China: The Road of Milk (Etude de Cas Chine)

Auteur: GRENOT CHEN Y.         Published: July 2020, INSEEC U.        Langue: Anglais


Belonging to Sodiaal, the biggest French dairy cooperative, Candia was one of the first marketed liquid milk brands in the world. Its leading position however has been greatly challenged in last decades. Profound changes have occurred in consumption trends in Western Europe. Price competition is fierce, especially after the European quotas were demolished. Candia is facing a strategic turning point. What does the brand need to do to revive? How to keep up with the changing trends and a new environment? And finally, how to market and bring added value to a commodity product such as milk? This case study intends to raise awareness amongst students regarding the marketing strategy needed by a mature “cash-cow” brand. It offers also opportunities to look at the challenges faced today by the business model of agricultural cooperative, which is not a very common topic, but its importance deserves our attention.

Danone – Dumex in China (Etude de Cas Chine)

Auteurs: GRENOT CHEN Y. et LI H.     Published:  May 2016, EM Lyon         Langue: Anglais


Danone, the French food giant has a longstanding presence in China. It entered the Chinese market as a precursor as early as 1987. However, its interest into China’s infant formula market was quite recent. In 2007, Danone acquired International Nutrition Co., Ltd., which possessed the brand Dumex, one of the leading infant formula brands in Asia. Thanks to Dumex, China has become the largest market for Danone in baby nutrition, accounting for 4–5 % of its total company sales. A series of new regulations issued by the government sent a clear signal that Chinese authority was set to consolidate the infant formula industry and provide support for big domestic firms. The worsening regulatory environment and intensifying competition made Danone realize that it could no longer rely merely on Dumex. The company saw Dumex’s sales tumble as a result of the scandal.


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